Black Florida is an ongoing, modern photographic and language archive of the predominantly Black rural towns, and inner cities throughout the State of Florida. The project, which was born in Miami-Dade County, aims to document and present these invisible communities, not as they often portrayed to the world, via negating newsworthy events, but rather from the narrative of the residents, as a sense of place, as home, as community.

Together, Blvck Vrchives & Black Florida presents a current visual archive of everyday life of Black Floridians. 

View: An exploration of home (Part i)


An exploration of Home (Part II) in Jacksonville, Florida in collaboration with Johanne Rahaman (Founder of Black Florida) Through vignettes and photographs from my personal archive, Part I offers a reflection of the time my family and I spent in the Blodgett Homes. Part II explores a bigger narrative, the community's reflection through an annual celebration near the site of the old public housing development demolished over 20-years ago. Photos and footage by Johanne Rahaman. 

Footage by Johanne Rahaman, Founder of Black Florida