Renata Cherlise is teaming up with the Reader & working closely with Director of Photography, Danielle A. Scruggs, to create multimedia narratives centering black life in Chicago pulling from the Sun-Times photographic archive. 

A look back at the Nation of Islam's Influence on Chicago's south side during the 1960s and 1970s.


May marks the anniversary of the second inauguration of Harold Washington, Chicago's first (and so far only) black mayor. To mark that milestone, Blvck Vrchives curator Renata Cherlise considers the parallels between the political climate in Chicago during the 1983 mayoral election and the political climate of today.


Nearly 41 years after the premier of Cooley High, we take a look back at CPS during the 60s and 70s, and the longstanding fight for educational equality. 


On the 50th anniversary of a landmark desegregation lawsuit, the Reader and Blvck Vrchives offer this visual sampler of the city's segregated housing past.

A glimpse of Chicago childhood inspired by Gwendolyn Brooks.


Rare footage and photographs reveal an alternative look inside of Cook County Jail.

In this election year, we look back at the history of black voter mobilization in Chicago and in the south.

The Reader is collaborating with Blvck Vrchives founder and curator Renata Cherlise to craft narratives using material from the Sun-Times archives. The first feature is a reflection of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s impact on Chicago, as well as the brief period of time he spent in the city to promote fair access to housing and education.

We take a look at the family legacy of Johnson Publishing and the publications that became a staple in black American households.


In honor of the late Muhammad Ali's legacy, we take a look back at his life in Chicago.